Writing Chose Me

Hey, my name is Taylor and I'm a freelance writer. I went to college for communication focusing on journalism and social media. My passion for writing began when I was a kid in the first grade. My family and friends can all vouch for me when I say, "I love to write!"

Throughout my schooling, English remained to be my favorite subject in which I always received A's for my essays. I wrote articles that were published in my college newspaper in a wide range of topics over college events. Fast forward to now, I'm a stay at home mom with a daughter and married to my husband for over five years. I'm a writer for hire and I have many writing services available. 

My Passion for Fitness and Health

Before I had my daughter, I was lazy lol. I pretty much was a couch potato. Granted, I was very athletic in my high school days playing volleyball but after I graduated school, I failed to remain active and got sucked into the 9-5 life. It wasn't until I got pregnant when I started to take my health more seriously.

I wanted to have a healthy baby, pregnancy, and delivery. So I started working out with my husband, eating healthy, and meditating. It was a blessing to have my baby girl naturally without any complications! 

Months after having a successful delivery, my belly fat and love handles were still hanging around. So it was time to become fit again. This blog is about choosing health to become a part of our lifestyle and a part of us. It's about staying healthy once we reach our goals. No matter what kind of day we had or how busy or day was. It's about staying committed. Every day won't be easy, but as long as we're working on becoming better each and every day, we're off to a great start. Welcome to becoming fit and healthy!